isustain is designed to supplement a person’s diet, depending on their age group or level of health. Formulated with an essential mix of vitamins and minerals, isustain helps maintain and improve wellbeing.



Active Adults


Young Adults

Older Adults


Poor Appetite

When to use isustain 4 Kids

Pre and Post Surgery

Is your child lacking energy before or after their surgery? isustain is suitable as a sole source of nutrition or supplement

Medical Condition

If your child is unable to get all the vitamins and benefits from a healthy diet due to a medical condition, isustain will provide them with all the additional nutrients they need.

To Help Growth and Development

isustain has 28 vitamins and minerals, making it a great source of energy for a child's development.

When to Use isustain Sport

Active Adults

isustain can be used as an energy source for active adults. 98% fat free, isustain is low in fat and contains 16 vitamins and minerals, so it’s the perfect supplement for a training program.

Active Adolescents

Available in vanilla or chocolate, isustain Sport is suitable for active adolescents who need an energy boost before or after their training.

Before or After Sports

isustain can be used with a meal before or after physical training, or sports. With it’s good source of protein, your muscles will be able to build and repair so you’re ready to start or end your physical training with ease.

Benefits Of isustain Pregnancy


Supplementing DHA in the mother’s diet is important for optimal infant and eye development. This also improves future developmental outcomes such as eye-hand coordination and motor skills.

Folic Acid

Folic Acid is beneficial for maternal tissue growth and supports placental development during pregnancy. It also contributes to prevent anaemia and reduces the risk of neural tube defects.


Throughout pregnancy, iron helps to produce extra red blood cells to cater for the growth of the baby, its neurological development and the placenta. Iron supplementation can cause constipation however, isustain contains dietary fibre to assist with constipation

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isustain Hospital Quality


isustain Hospital Quality is a delicious and nutritionally balanced drink to aid digestion and overall health.
It was developed for individuals in various life stages who may need extra nutrition or energy.
Ideal for if recovering from illness or surgery. If you require more fiber, try Hospital Quality plus Fibre.